The Sub Pop Silver Jubilee

By Fab Turns Founder / Terry Henderson

Hello readers! This is Terry again and I'm here to give you a first person lowdown and a very cool event that took place in the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle, WA. For those of you who live outside of the Seattle area you may think that we are best known for our admiration of coffee and rain. But, you may not know that Seattle is a REALLY serious music city. Oh yes, just do a little research and you will see the seriousness of the Seattle music scene. Not just one genre either, we have jazz, rock, grunge, symphonic, opera, big band, ethnic, etc. Seattle is truly a very serious music city.

The weekend of July 13, 2013 was the Silver Jubilee celebration of Sub Pop Records. Yes, that means the 25th anniversary, quarter century, or a good long time in the music business. To celebrate the streets were closed to vehicles and turned into one massive neighborhood party. The glorious summer day in Georgetown was filled with sound and smells of some seriously good eats. I have covered several events from the back of the house thru my good buddy at Live Nation. This was my first experience covering the event from the front of the stage. I have been into music for a long time and I really enjoy listening to local bands, and my favorite radio station:

I enjoy most types of music including rock, electronic, garage bands, etc. I have never really listened much to the type of music at this venue and I was mostly there to take photos. (more images) I did not know what to expect for an event where I was expecting some hard core grunge and rock music. To my complete surprise the crowd contained a mix of every type of person you could imagine. There were young, old, well-dressed, grunge dressed, men, women, kids of all ages, and pretty much every race and ethnicity. The large and packed crowds were very courteous, respectful, and orderly. There was only one group of people there, namely, music lovers. Music was the common denominator and none of the other labels mattered.

A little aside about the Georgetown neighborhood of Seattle (allow to digress for a moment). Georgetown is a very eclectic neighborhood south of the stadiums in downtown Seattle. In ye olde section of George-towne (using the vintage words and spelling) there are many one-of-a-kind shops, pubs, breweries, salons, galleries, and restaurants. Georgetown contains lots of gems and it is located just a few blocks off the main arteries of the city. Do yourself a favor and visit Georgetown some time. When you visit don't go there for anything specific. Just go there, park the car, wander around, visits the pubs, galleries, stores, and other businesses. Take the time to enjoy all that Georgetown has to offer. Georgetown is not a shopping mall – it is a unique experience. (more images)

Working for (a division of, The CEO / Debbie Henderson asked me to shoot photos of the bands at the main stage. She said she wanted to use the images on the upcoming website Discover And Be Discovered. I had two other volunteer staff with me during the shoot. We were perched atop a ladder (a very sturdy one, thank you) and we were able to get some seriously good photos of the bands and the crowds. You could tell that the performers were giving their all. They really gave of themselves with each performance and the crowds truly appreciated it. The appreciation of the crowd was intense. The overall atmosphere was exciting and electric.

I got to meet a number of the artists backstage both before and after their performances (more images). In the past I have met artists who are very condescending and just full of themselves. Not these guys. No, these artists were just good people who were friendly to talk to, open and straight-forward, and they just loved the experience. They really gave their all in their performances. They also talked with fans, let people take pictures with them, signed autographs, etc. I saw two boys with skateboards and they wanted one of the bands to sign their boards. The band members took the time to bring the two in the backstage tent, signed their boards, and took pictures with them. How cool was that? They went the extra mile and that is all too rare nowadays.

When music was playing you could look into the crowds and see a cross-section of America. It looked as if everyone was just moving to the music and having a good time. I saw small kids on their parent's shoulders and both were pumping their arms in time to the strong beats of the music.

This event was serious music, serious party time, and serious fun. I took some breaks from the photos and talked with one of the vendors in the Trailer Park area. I had to get out of the sun and recharge a bit between shooting. This very cool guy said that he heard nothing but outrageously good music all day. (more images

I told him that all the artists that I saw were really giving their all and that is what live music is all about. He said that the place was full of good vibes. I think his description summed up the experience. It was just pure fun. There were LOTS of good people, good food, crazy good music, great businesses, friendly security staff, and just good vibes. I think that about sums it up.

Happy 25th birthday Sub Pop! May you have many more years of success!